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Sleigh Rides

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Rudolph will be dying of jealousy when he hears of the treats in this basket! The spice blend mix brings the warmth of Christmas to even the chilliest of winter nights! Candy cane hot cocoa and brownie brittle are perfect for anyone looking to indulge a sweet tooth, and truffles and chocolate almonds add a touch of luxe, so this basket will bring festive joy to everyone this Christmas!

~ What’s in the basket

● Goplana. Chocolate Secrets
● Mulling Spice Blend Mix
● Made. Chocolate Truffles
● Candy Cane Hot Cocoa
● Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle
● Maple Erable. Milk Chocolate
● Made. Milk Chocolate Almonds
● Roll Break Nocciola
● Stag décor stick
● Christmas Special Mug